Thinking Outside of the Lunchbox

It’s about that time of the year again.  The air will turn crisp and cool, kids will go back to school and the pace will pick back up.  Convenience may take over, and you find yourself filling up the cart with quick, easy options for dinner and lunches.  These pre-packaged convenience foods did not exist fifty years ago. Lunchables made an appearance when I was just a kid.  They are highly processed kid magnets in their cute little box of fun-sized treats filled with sodium, sugars and fats.

Making a healthy lunch for you children does not have to be inconvenient.  Learn to think outside the lunchbox.

It also does not have to contain cut out hearts, stars, or have cute little animals cut out of cheese either.  I am giving you options that help you piece a healthy meal together for your child and still have time to dry your hair while making it to work on time.

This week I want to show you an example of how I made my own lunchable, and hopefully this will give you some ideas to think about and help you plan some healthy options for your children.  There will be more where this came from.

healthy kids lunch, healthy lunch tray, non processed lunches, lunchbox
lunchables: Pantry Doctor style

The part that took the most time was the chicken salad, but that took all of ten minutes.  I boiled the chicken tenders with organic free-range chicken from Trader Joe’s.  I chopped the chicken up and added Greek yogurt instead of mayo, celery, red grapes and pecans.  The Greek yogurt adds a kick of protein without all the unhealthy fats and hydrogenated oils.  Then I seasoned it with a little salt and pepper and viola! I toasted a pita in place of the crackers. Finish it off with some healthy, colorful options that are easy to pick up: watermelon, cherry tomatoes and grapes.

What do you think of my lunchable makeover? [sc:apple]
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