The Best Natural Toothpaste Brands

I tested out some of the most popular natural toothpaste brands so you don’t have to! I rated them on #1 how they taste, #2 how they leave your breath, #3 how they feel in your mouth, and  #4 price point! My top favorites are the first 3.  The rest are still great to good depending on your reach and budget. I hope this little post helps save you time and bad breath. Here are my top picks for natural toothpaste!

-Top 3 PD picks-

PD_Top 3 Toothpaste 

No. 1 : Himalaya Herbal Healthcare -Neem and pomegranate  

  • This was my absolute fave! I loved it.  The flavor was really different and refreshing!

No. 2: David’s Natural Toothpaste

  • I am a sucker for peppermint essential oil, and this one is great! I tested the waters at making my own toothpaste with coconut oil and peppermint essential oil, and this one was the closest to it.

No. 3: Earthpaste by Redmond RealSalt

  • This one is great for those of you that do not want glycerin.  It is extremely hard to find a toothpaste without flouride and glycerin.

PD_The BEST Natrual Toothpaste Brands

No. 1: Truthpaste  

No. 2: Simply Sooney 

  • This one came really close to the top 3.  The taste was really great!

No. 3: Sweet Brown Sludge 

No. 4: Weleda Salt Toothpaste 

No. 5: Dr. Collins Natural Toothpaste 

No. 6: Nature’s Skin Nutrition – Cinnamon and Clove  

No. 7: Cocodent – Coconut oil toothpaste 

No. 8: Jason Natural Products – Sea Fresh Toothpaste 

No. 9: Fran Kramer Organics toothpaste 

I hope you enjoy testing and trying these out! xo-Wendie


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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for including my product Simply Sooney tooth powder in your line up! I had no Idea you were doing a review! Would you like to do a giveaway? you can email me at info at simplysooneytoothpowder dot com

    • Definitely! We are putting toxic chemicals in our mouth 365 days a year at least 1 time. It adds up…there is a reason there is a warning to call poison control if it is ingested! No way…not for muah! 😉

  2. I love this! We’ve tried a few natural toothpaste and hated them. Seeing as how some can be very pricey it’s nice to read a comparison so I can have an idea before I try one out.

    • Thank you Shanna! Yes, I agree. Some are very pricey, so I included some that weren’t as much. Some of these take some getting used to, especially the ones with coconut oil and activated charcoal, but they have such great natural properties like anti-bacterial, enamel building, etc! Glad you liked the post! xo-Wendie

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