Dirty Dishing: Is gluten bad for me?

With so many myths and misconceptions about nutrition floating around, who do you believe?  I receive so many questions about nutrition and health in general.  I wanted to create a way for me to answer the most common ones that I hear.  Thus, Dirty Dishing was born.  If you're interested in learning the truth about today's popular trends and issues, check back from week to … [Read more...]

Love Local: La Farm Bakery in Raleigh NC

As we go through our Monday morning routine of coffee, getting the kids off to school, fitting in a run or workout, or making it to work on time, do we ever think about whether or not we have been an inspiration to others? Who are you inspiring? Who are you inspired by? I am inspired by chefs, dishes from restaurants, other food and health blogs, and did I mention food? I … [Read more...]

Competition Dining Series Battle of the Champions

Dining out can be tricky.  Sometimes you plan date night to the latest hotspot with rave reviews with the best intentions, but there so many variables that come in to play with that one trip to the restaurant.  Everything from where you sit, to the location and parking, to service, to taste, presentation, or an unexpected surprise can make your trip to that restaurant a … [Read more...]

Broken Oak Organic Farms: Meet Your Farmer Craig Weiner

Meet Your Farmer posts spotlight small local farmers that I feel are an example of the type of food system that we need to support in our community.  These farmers show passion and dedication to sustainably raising crops and animals.  Today I caught up with Craig Weiner of Broken Oak Organic Farms along with Todd Warden and Kevin Furmanek -- both chefs at the Cliffs. … [Read more...]

It Costs Too Much to Eat Healthy

Thank you Mother Earth produce for sponsoring this post.  Click here to find out more about a Mother Earth bins and how you can save money each week, eat healthy and support local farmers. Ever since I signed up for Mother Earth Produce, I have saved (yes SAVED) money eating healthy each week and streamlined my routine.  How many of you have families and your lives have … [Read more...]