PD Christmas Present Ideas 2015 : Something for Everyone

Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links which do not affect you at all, but if you purchase something from a link, I might get a tiny commission which goes to keeping this blog running.   How is it almost Thanksgiving?! Normally, I have no problem waiting until after Thanksgiving until decorating, getting my tree up, and thinking about Christmas.  Not this … [Read more...]

Peek Into My Pantry for some Pumpkin Seed Nutrition

Most everyone reading this has heard of pumpkin seeds, but what do they mean in terms of nutrition? It's obvious that they come from a pumpkin, but it might seem a bit foggy as to what to do with them exactly. How nutritious are pumpkin seeds?  By the end of this post you will be crystal clear on the nutritional value of the pumpkin seed and I will give you a little peek into … [Read more...]

Superfood Autumn Harvest Salad

Hey, guys! I had so much fun today speaking at the Downtown TD Farmers Market. If you happened to miss it or don't live in Greenville, I shared one of my favorite new creations for Fall: my Superfood Autumn Harvest Salad! Sound delicious? You have no idea! Anyway, I'm rambling, because I'm so proud of this recipe, so I'll just get to it. Check it out below and let me … [Read more...]

Love Local: Southern Pressed Juicery

Today, I want to share with you all one of my favorite new restaurants in town.  There are so many things on their menu that inspire me, all of which I can't wait to try.  Enjoy and be sure to share your favorite items at SJP with me! If you haven't stepped into this latest Table 301 gem, you MUST get downtown Greenville ASAP. As I'm typing this post, I am craving "Catching … [Read more...]

Dirty Dishing: Cacao & Kefir

With so many myths and misconceptions about nutrition floating around, who do you believe? I receive so many questions about nutrition and health in general, so I wanted to create a way for me to answer some of the most common ones that I hear. Thus, Dirty Dishing was born. If you're interested in learning the truth about today's popular trends and issues, check back from week … [Read more...]