Your Self-Care Routine Needs These 3 Things

Happy Hump Day Guys! Our January has been really weird, no? I can't tell if its gonna snow, be warm, or rain. Its been a weird week so far, but a really great one! This week I have been preparing the PD Overnight Oats for their first grocery chain, and also planning an ah-mazing retreat with some of my favorite wellness practitioners! More on this to come.. but first... 3 … [Read more...]

7 Ways for New Moms to Practice Embodiment

  Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and shared lots of love with your family, friends, and maybe even yourself! Today, I'm sharing something that is really important for all of us, but especially new moms --embodiment.   I recently met at fellow dietitian and she has some great resources for new moms.  Her name is Lindsay Stenovec and she has an … [Read more...]