Post Workout Smoothie Recovery Bowl

Hiiiii!! Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing? I've been feeling a tiny lil' food baby in my stomach after this weekend.  Saturday was the Euphoria Roast and Toast kickoff and I am super stoked about the lineup this year! Tickets are on sale now! More to come about that later this week..... Sunday, I had a great time biking up the Swamp Rabbit Trail and  enjoyed a beer or two … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Protein Bites

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday! I love all the comments you wrote after the Dirty Dishing Weekly post a couple of weeks ago.  That was fun, but I have decided to put all these fun links into a Monday morning email so if you want the fun, quick links to what I am loving, doing, wearing, and reading- sign up here! This week I feel like I am slowly becoming a neighbor people want to … [Read more...]

Grill Master’s Guide: All-Star Series

Holy smokes! No pun intended.... I can't believe the summer has flown by, and it is time to wrap up the Grill Master's Guide Series! Hopefully, some of these recipes have made it to your kitchen table! I'm working very had on compiling some more fun grilling recipes into an ebook for you to capture all the grilling madness that has taken place on the PD blog this summer! Who … [Read more...]

Grill Master’s Guide to Steak : 10 Steak Rubs with Only 3 Ingredients!

Hello! I love trying out new fun ways to make food taste great -- naturally! With my Grill Master's Guide posts, I have been trying out all sorts of ways to make grilling more fun and tasty this summer using ingredients most of us all have sitting right in our pantry! There is just something more fun about creating your own natural rubs versus going out and buying a bottle … [Read more...]