Peek Into My Pantry for some Pumpkin Seed Nutrition

Most everyone reading this has heard of pumpkin seeds, but what do they mean in terms of nutrition? It's obvious that they come from a pumpkin, but it might seem a bit foggy as to what to do with them exactly. How nutritious are pumpkin seeds?  By the end of this post you will be crystal clear on the nutritional value of the pumpkin seed and I will give you a little peek into … [Read more...]

What I Ate This Weekend

Well, the tables have turned, and now it's time once again for you to see what I ate this weekend. Friday 5:10 - My alarm goes off for bootcamp. I have been up for hours, worried and stressed about deadlines.  NO, thank you! My cortisol levels will thank me for hitting the snooze on this one and trying to get an extra couple hours of sleep. 7:05 -  Okay, Okay -- I hit … [Read more...]

Peek into My Pantry: Chia Seeds (& July 4th Recipe!)

I've been all about chia seeds lately! Cha-Cha-Che-Chia (please tell me you remember that too!) in my water, chia in my smoothies, chia in my jam, chia on my FACE! Yes, I use a FABULOUS chia oil on my face each morning! But I digress.   So, this weekend, when I am thinking about what I'm going to do over the Fourth and how I was going to incorporate a Peek into my Pantry … [Read more...]

Dirty Dishing: How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

With so many myths and misconceptions about nutrition floating around, who do you believe? I receive so many questions about nutrition and health in general, so I wanted to create a way for me to answer some of the most common ones that I hear. Thus, Dirty Dishing was born. If you're interested in learning the truth about today's popular trends and issues, check back from week … [Read more...]