Thanksgiving Recap + Cyber Monday Sales

We kicked off the weekend with Thanksgiving at my place.  At the request of my parents, we dined on my shrimp and grits, low country boil, all the sides including my roasted brussels sprouts, and plenty of pumpkin pie and sweet potato cake from Brick Street! The weekend flew by, and my family is headed back to Illinois today.  Time flies when you are having fun, I guess. … [Read more...]

Pear Pomegranate Salad

  I hope everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US this week had a spectacular time with their loved ones! Now that one Holiday is over, I am ready to focus on Christmas! Can I get an amen?! I'm heading out to pick out my tree today! This is one of my favorite times of the year! My head hurts a little this morning from a wedding celebration last … [Read more...]

IRL – What I’ve Been up to Lately

I had honestly planned on doing a self-care post today, something I have not been practicing lately.  Let me take a couple of weeks to work more on that piece before I post about it! WhoompWhoomp.  So I will just recap some things that I have found helpful this week IRL (in real life!) at the grocery store and let you in on why I haven't had time for much self-care recently. … [Read more...]

Meal Prep Ideas for Busy People

I have to admit, even though I am a dietitian, there are still times when I struggle with nutrition.  We all allow "busyness" take over every now and then.  That leads to skipping meals, not getting in enough water, or the biggest one of all...slacking with getting in those greens. When life tends to get too busy, I love to step back and take a look at why I am not getting … [Read more...]