Easy Pudding Recipe : Dreamsicle Chia Seed Pudding

  Ya'll know I love my chia seeds.  When I find a recipe that I make over and over because its so EASY I know it needs to be shared.  This 4 -ingredient chia seed easy pudding recipe tastes so fresh and is loaded with tons of healthy fats! This recipe is a single serving, but can be split into two.  By the time I added all of my toppings, I definitely could not finish … [Read more...]

Simple Coconut Pancakes

Well the bachelor is finally over.  I just don't know what I am going to do with those two hours of my time that was dedicated to Ben.  How did you all feel about his decision? I just hope Jo Jo's brothers are staying in the big D because that was a pretty big letdown.  I would so much rather talk about this right now than how Donald Trump is doing in the election. Okay back … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Coconut : In the Nude

Happy Friday Beauties! How are you feeling today? I am hoping we can put this coldness behind us! Are you feeling motivated? The only thing that has been motivating me recently is firewood and a cozy blanket -- oh, and THIS soup in case you missed it! If you have been following me on Snapchat, then you have seen what I have currently been reading.  I wanted to combine this … [Read more...]

How to choose an EVOO

Simple meals are those that I crave most, especially when they contain superfoods and heart healthy fats like EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). There has been quite a buzz lately around olive oil.  I decided to be the food detective that I am and met with one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Korizis of The Olive and the Sea.  Her blog contains family recipes focused on Greek and … [Read more...]

Peek Into My Pantry for some Pumpkin Seed Nutrition

Most everyone reading this has heard of pumpkin seeds, but what do they mean in terms of nutrition? It's obvious that they come from a pumpkin, but it might seem a bit foggy as to what to do with them exactly. How nutritious are pumpkin seeds?  By the end of this post you will be crystal clear on the nutritional value of the pumpkin seed and I will give you a little peek into … [Read more...]