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Currently on Instagram The inTENsive Reset: Bikini Body Edition is out and its a great edition to the ebook family! This time around, I teamed up with Tatiana DeAngulo to come up with some effective workouts to help us tone up for the beach! This version offers 20 more pages with workouts and bonus sections on skinny beach cocktails, what to eat on the beach, and what to … [Read more...]

Greenville Events and Restaurants

Hi Friends! How is your week going? I hope you are having an amazing one so far.  My week has been off to a fabulous start.  Today I thought I would share with you some of my latest Foodie Adventures at some amazing Greenville events and restaurants. Last Saturday, I was swimming in all sorts of food at the Roast and Toast at the Iron Club at Fluor Field for the announcement … [Read more...]

Butchery: A lost Art

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Lost Culinary Art of Butchering workshop in Charlotte, NC at Passion 8 Restaurant.  I love it when I can get together with other food bloggers and chefs in the Southeast and learn about food (and eat a fabulous meal!).  Now, all of us has enjoyed a great brisket from time to time.  I think back to a time in Austin Texas, … [Read more...]

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I can't believe March is officially over and April is here already. When this year started, I was just plugging along doing my dietitian thing, and now I am in the middle of launching a new product --a food product-- and I had no idea how much energy that would take. I thought I would do something fun and simple since I have been doing a lot of unfun things with licensing and … [Read more...]