Post Workout Smoothie Recovery Bowl

Hiiiii!! Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing? I've been feeling a tiny lil' food baby in my stomach after this weekend.  Saturday was the Euphoria Roast and Toast kickoff and I am super stoked about the lineup this year! Tickets are on sale now! More to come about that later this week..... Sunday, I had a great time biking up the Swamp Rabbit Trail and  enjoyed a beer or two … [Read more...]

Best Foods for Your Skin

I love having certain staples around the house, not just for having healthy foods to prepare, but for days when I need a little beauty pick-me-up.  So I guess you know by now what I have an abundance of....yes, avocados.  Yet they always seem to have a consistent pattern: in smoothies, on toast, with sea salt on a spoon-- Simple, easy ways to incorporate this heart healthy fat … [Read more...]

Easy Pudding Recipe : Dreamsicle Chia Seed Pudding

  Ya'll know I love my chia seeds.  When I find a recipe that I make over and over because its so EASY I know it needs to be shared.  This 4 -ingredient chia seed easy pudding recipe tastes so fresh and is loaded with tons of healthy fats! This recipe is a single serving, but can be split into two.  By the time I added all of my toppings, I definitely could not finish … [Read more...]

Smoothie Bowl Recipe | The PD Beauty Bowl

Good morning! I realized when you all took the survey in December, that I wasn't pumping out enough recipes --which is just not okay.  With the start of the new year, writing ebooks, and coming up with new products (more on this soon), I have let the recipes slip! Oops. If you are just now tuning in, you might not know I am a fan of smoothies and superfoods.  If you follow … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Coconut : In the Nude

Happy Friday Beauties! How are you feeling today? I am hoping we can put this coldness behind us! Are you feeling motivated? The only thing that has been motivating me recently is firewood and a cozy blanket -- oh, and THIS soup in case you missed it! If you have been following me on Snapchat, then you have seen what I have currently been reading.  I wanted to combine this … [Read more...]