Ditch the Excuses and Learn to Love Running

Many women give up running before they even try it.

Do you think of running as

a chore? punishment?

Many women just assume that training to run a 5 or 10K is just too hard. She runs is a 12-week program with runner and Registered Dietitian, Wendie Schneider. Learn about better food choices, overcome training hurdles, uncover easier access to healthy habits, and get the motivation and personal guidance needed to help you through the vulnerable periods and the challenges that may arise.

Wendie is known as the Pantry Doctor. She is a Registered Dietitian and has been running for over 17 years, including 5 & 10K's, many half marathons, and 14 marathons.

Join our exclusive women's only 5 or 10K training program with a focus on nutrition featuring weekly meal prep plans and videos. Click below to download your free nutrition tips for pre and post runs.


Download your nutrition tips.

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