Fall Seasonal Meal Plan – Week 1

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This meal plan is not meant to be rigid, its just meant to help you plan and prep in 1 hour on Sunday so you have healthy options in your fridge for the week.  I know everyone has busy lives, and goes out to dinner, but when healthy options are waiting at home in the fridge, you are more likely to stick with a plan!

In this plan you will find: 3 healthy dinners, 1 big seasonal salad that can be portioned throughout the week for lunches, two snacks, and dessert.  Oh, and you KNOW I have breakfast covered!



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Click meal planning off your checklist for the week!

You want to simplify, find balance throughout the week, and try new things so you can have energy and feel your best!  You will find this meal plan is simple with 3 healthy dinner recipes, 1 seasonal salad, 1 dessert, and snack options for the week –and the best part is the 1 hour prep-plan for Sunday!


1 review for Fall Seasonal Meal Plan – Week 1

  1. 5 out of 5

    Wendie’s program is one of the best ways I’ve ever been able to diet. It’s flexible, it’s guilt free, and it’s extremely motivating. I don’t need a meal plan for every single meal of every single day, I would never be able to stick to it, and Wendie knows that! I highly recommend signing up for this, the results are incredible.

    • Thank you so much Jonathon! Your results show it!

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