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Membership Options

As a dietitian, I have worked with many clients and the common theme is:  to be healthy it requires too much time and energy, and it just isn’t EASY.  My goal with the Pantry Doctor Community is to help you simplify and find balance in your busy everyday life.

Membership options:

Coaching Membership: For those of you looking for a Lifestyle Shift, this is the plan for you.

  • Initial consult (in-person/phone/skype)
  • follow-ups
  • unlimited email support
  • any tools you might need to help you along the way
  • supportive FB group

Meal Prep Membership:

I’ve developed quick and easy meals with quality ingredients for you to follow each week. Now all you need to do is get in the kitchen for 1 hour on Sunday to have some healthy options in the fridge for you during the week.  Each week you will get a download with breakfast ideas, 3 dinner ideas, 1 fresh new salad idea, snack ideas and even a dessert!

Meal Prep Membership PLUS: 

Have a gluten intolerance? Maybe you are paleo?  We have specialized plans available to meet your specific dietary needs.  You will receive a form and you let us know what dietary restrictions or specialized diet you are on and we can customize a weekly plan for you.

Pantry Doctor Breakfast Club

Love the oats, and wish you could get them sent right to your door? Now you can! We have 3 options for you and will send refills directly to you along with special discounts for members and be the first to try new flavors!

Personal Training and Nutrition Membership (local to Greenville and surrounding areas): 

I have teamed up with Jessie Lloyd Personal Training to offer this special membership! You get 1:1 personal training in her studio, nutrition sessions, any guides or tools that you need, a supportive community, and 20% off all other PR programs or products.  We can’t wait to help you meet your goals!


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Level Price  
PD Coaching Membership $99.00 per Month. Select
PD Annual Coaching Membership (save $189) $999.00 now. Select
PD Meal Prep Membership $15.00 per Month. Select
PD Meal Prep Membership ANNUAL (save $50) $129.00 now. Select
PD Meal Prep Membership PLUS $49.00 per Month. Select
PD Meal Prep Membership PLUS ANNUAL (Save $90) $499.00 now. Select
Personal Training and Nutrition Membership $129.00 per Month. Select

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