Smoothie Bowl Recipe | The PD Beauty Bowl

Good morning! I realized when you all took the survey in December, that I wasn't pumping out enough recipes --which is just not okay.  With the start of the new year, writing ebooks, and coming up with new products (more on this soon), I have let the recipes slip! Oops. If you are just now tuning in, you might not know I am a fan of smoothies and superfoods.  If you follow … [Read more...]

Superfood Autumn Harvest Salad

Hey, guys! I had so much fun today speaking at the Downtown TD Farmers Market. If you happened to miss it or don't live in Greenville, I shared one of my favorite new creations for Fall: my Superfood Autumn Harvest Salad! Sound delicious? You have no idea! Anyway, I'm rambling, because I'm so proud of this recipe, so I'll just get to it. Check it out below and let me … [Read more...]

In the Nude: Sugar Snap Peas

Hi, everyone! It's time again for another  In the Nude post.  With this series, I’ll be breaking down the walls of intimidation that separate us from the plants we should be eating and enjoying without preparing them to the point that we rob them of their natural properties and benefits.  This month I found myself in a complete veggie rut and saw sugar snap peas as an option in … [Read more...]