Easy Mushroom Tacos

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are those of Pantry Doctor.  #SamsClubMag #CollectiveBias   What is one food that you can incorporate into your diet every single day and never get tired of? … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Bruschetta Appetizer

Many of you who follow me on Instagram, know that I have been busy lately launching the overnight oats.  Last week they were placed in Hub-City Co-op in Spartanburg and M. Judson Books in downtown Greenville, and we have become a part of the TR farmers market on Saturday mornings so the pace has definitely picked up! I've been working on a new 10-day program to launch in the … [Read more...]

Pantry Doctor Easy Vegetable Soup

I'm not a huge professional foot ball fan, however I do love a good excuse to get a bunch of people together and cook some great food! I also love any excuse to cozy up on the couch with a big bowl of soup in the wintertime.  So Superbowl Funday is right up my alley with this easy vegetable soup! You all have been asking me for this recipe for a couple of weeks ever … [Read more...]

Summer Sunshine Bowls

Good morning! The last few days have been extremely busy, and I can't imagine anything else but an Epsom salt and lavender bath with a candle tonight! This week has been filled with travel, presentations and a family emergency thrown in that literally sucked the life out of me! If you saw my post from Monday, then you know how thrown off my weekend AND nutrition were. One … [Read more...]

In the Nude: Sugar Snap Peas

Hi, everyone! It's time again for another  In the Nude post.  With this series, I’ll be breaking down the walls of intimidation that separate us from the plants we should be eating and enjoying without preparing them to the point that we rob them of their natural properties and benefits.  This month I found myself in a complete veggie rut and saw sugar snap peas as an option in … [Read more...]