5 Day Stress Less Healthy Holiday Challenge

Don't put your health on the back burner this holiday season.

Don't just survive this holiday

THRIVE this holiday season!

Wendie and Melissa will help you have your healthiest holiday yet without adding more stress to your plate!

Once you sign up you will receive a download that includes 5 easy, healthy smoothie recipes as well as 5 quick but targeted workouts that you can do anywhere!

We will guide and support you along the way with daily smoothie hacks, exercise tips & self-care guidance to keep you sane during all the insanity.

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(Wendie is a Registered Dietitian and creator of Pantry Doctor, a Healthy Lifestyle Brand. Melissa is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and creator of Melissa Adrian Fitness. We want to remind everyone its not just about diets, workouts, & discipline but being present, finding self-compassion and fully committed to living your healthiest life!)


Tired of dieting?

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This is actually the #1 predictor of future weight gain. Ever eat a food that you consider to be "unhealthy" and feel super guilty? This causes you to restrict certain foods even more...making you feel deprived...leading to overeating.