Your Self-Care Routine Needs These 3 Things

Happy Hump Day Guys! Our January has been really weird, no? I can't tell if its gonna snow, be warm, or rain. Its been a weird week so far, but a really great one! This week I have been preparing the PD Overnight Oats for their first grocery chain, and also planning an ah-mazing retreat with some of my favorite wellness practitioners! More on this to come.. but first... 3 … [Read more...]

Best 6 of 2016 and Top 7 Wellness Trends for 2017

Pantry Doctor Best of 2016 Happy 2017!! Welcome to the New Year and I hope you are as pumped for 2017 as I am! This weekend included lots of football, and preparation for our 5 days of Green Smoothies Challenge! My New Years was really low key this year cheering on the Tigers as they upset Ohio State.  Nothing like ringing in the new year like that! I am excited about what … [Read more...]

Ways to Stay Healthy in 2017

Happy Day After Christmas! I hope you guys are feeling rejuvenated after spending time with family and loved ones the past few days. For most of us, trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a b*tch. Thoughts of food can take over our mind and body and feel like they have total control over us --especially this time of the year.  Cookies, candy, cocktails have been all … [Read more...]

Dirty Dishing Weekly

    Happy December Everybody! Its been awhile since I have shared a Dirty Dishing post here up on the blog, because I have been sending weekly Dirty Dishing e-mails on Monday mornings. These e-mails are a mesh of events, things that I am loving, recipes I am craving, or things I am reading on the internet in terms of latest news on health and wellness. Sign … [Read more...]

Diets That Work Don’t Involve a Scale

I used to weigh myself on the, pretty much everyday. Then I realized, WHY?! Now, I do think that scales have a time and place in the medical field, but the majority of my clients do not need to even think about one. I don't think they need to be banished from society necessarily, but honestly, this time of the year, they can cause more anxiety than cheer. Diets … [Read more...]