A Peek into my Pantry: KerryGold Butter

What is the so special about grass-fed butter? Take a peek into my pantry to find out!


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grass-fed butter


All butters are not created equal.  In fact, to find Kerrygold in the grocery store, can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  It is often tucked away with the specialty cheeses.  Kerrygold also makes several cheeses as well.

Reasons to love grass fed butter:

1)  It contains Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)- this little fatty acid has been linked to weight loss and effect on body composition, inflammation due to allergies and asthma, and insulin resistance to name a few. Our bodies cannot make CLA so we must get it through food. Food sources high in CLA are grass fed beef and animal products, as well as grass fed dairy products.

2) It is loaded with Vitamin K2.  Never heard of it? K1 is found in lots of green leafy vegetables, and K2 is found in animal products.  This vitamin is involved in calcium metabolism.  It helps keep calcium out of the arteries (1,2) by modifying proteins so they can bind to calcium ions. It is important for not only heart health, but bone health, as calcium tends to leach out of our bones and into arteries.

3) Butter has been given a bad wrap because it contains saturated fat, however, one reason to think again is the little short chain fatty acid called butyrate.  New studies are showing that there is a ton of factors that come in to play where heart disease is concerned, and the inflammatory response is one huge factor that has been getting recognition lately (3,4,5). Butyrate has beed shown to modulate the inflammatory response.

4) Nutrient content of dairy products greatly depends on what the cows are fed.  A large amount of the cattle in the US are fed a diet of grains, in particular corn and soy.  Grass fed beef contains 2-5 times more omega 3’s than grain fed beef.  The n6:n3 ratio is about 1.5:1 in grass fed, and 7.5:1 in grain-fed.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It is always better to eat real food than these frankenfoods we see lurking on the grocery store shelves.  Step AWAY from the Smart Balance.

Do you choose grass fed products? If so, why do you choose them over grain-fed products? I would love to hear from you! [sc:apple]




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