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    Foodie Conversations: Q&A with Wendie

    Feb 16 | 114 Views | No Comments

      There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about nutrition.  I’ve received so many questions over the years, I thought a series of Q&A would be beneficial to address some of these.  I’m excited to have a Foodie Conversation with you each month! If you have any nutrition...

  • raw lavender and honey cheesecake

    Raw Lavender and Honey Cheesecake

    Feb 12 | 105 Views | 2 Comments

    I think with Valentines Day right around the corner, it is time I introduce my recipe for raw cheesecake.  This basic recipe is quite delicious by itself, but can be taken up a notch by getting creative with toppings.  I promise you will never look at cheesecake in the same way after today! ...

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    J Christopher’s Blueberry Crunch cakes

    Feb 2 | 163 Views | No Comments

    J Christopher’s Blueberry Crunch Cakes are huge, fluffy pancakes are made with blueberries and granola mixed into the batter. If you have ever been privileged enough to brunch at J. Christophers, a franchise based in Georgia, you know that the J Christopher’s blueberry crunch cakes...

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    Wendie’s Top 10 Treasures of Greenville, SC

    Jan 4 | 617 Views | No Comments

    Today I was in mad traffic, in my car with the bright yellow palm-treeless license plate, as a man smiled and waved me over so I could change lanes.  This was an important moment for me as I had flashbacks of rush hour, road construction, blaring horns, and angry drivers north of the Mason-Dixon....

Hi! Welcome to my blog Pantry Doctor! I am a registered dietitian, and I have a back-to-the-basics approach to nutrition and wellness.  As a nutritionist and true foodie, I love to share with others the importance of eating real foods, offering simple recipes, and giving a glimpse into my pantry and everyday life.  I practice what I preach, and truly believe that living a healthy lifestyle encompasses not only the foods that we choose to put into our bodies, but also fitness, stress management, sleep, beauty routines, and having positive people in your life!  In short, this is far more than a nutrition blog, it is a lifestyle that anyone can choose to be a part of!

The Pantry Doctor, LLC is committed to helping individuals meet their goals by offering a practical approach to nutrition, and empowering people to make lifestyle choices that will improve their health and well-being.


This meaning behind this phrase is simple. It's a proven fact that unhealthy nutrition can lead to various severe conditions and illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Eating real foods and getting away from processed, packaged foods can increase our energy, aid in weight loss, and contribute to our overall health.  Preventative measures are always more desirable than waiting until health problems occur. Let’s start this journey today and begin by making healthy food choices!

I am so inspired by all of my clients and readers that take the time to share their stories with me! If you have changed your lifestyle, and it has made a difference in reaching your health goals, I would love to hear from you personally! Please share your story by sending me an email to wendie@pantrydr.com

 -The Pantry Doctor


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