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    Pantry Doctor Easy Vegetable Soup

    Feb 7 | 86 Views | No Comments

    I’m not a huge professional foot ball fan, however I do love a good excuse to get a bunch of people together and cook some great food! I also love any excuse to cozy up on the couch with a big bowl of soup in the wintertime.  So Superbowl Funday is right up my alley&hellip...

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    The Best Natural Toothpaste Brands

    Jan 25 | 954 Views | 4 Comments

    I tested out some of the most popular natural toothpaste brands so you don’t have to! I rated them on #1 how they taste, #2 how they leave your breath, #3 how they feel in your mouth, and  #4 price point! My top favorites are the first 3.  The rest are still great to good&hellip...

  • Mike_McGirr

    Feed and Seed Greenville, SC

    Jan 21 | 934 Views | 4 Comments

    I recently began to see articles and hear chatter about a new feed and seed project to launch in 2016 in Greenville, SC.  I knew I had to meet the executive director Mike McGirr, and I am happy to share with you here today!  ...

  • Dirty Dishing_New Years Resolutions

    New Years Resolution Ideas : Dirty Dishing

    Jan 18 | 214 Views | 8 Comments

    Happy Monday Friends!  I thought we could chat today about New Years Resolutions ideas. Or the lack of them, anyway. How was your weekend?  I had a great time at the Lazy Goat Friday night for restaurant week with friends. Saturday morning I had a fabulous time kicking off our next 10 day program...

Registered Dietitian & Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Wendie HomeHi! Welcome to my site for all things Pantry Doctor! I am a registered dietitian and healthy lifestyle coach, and I have a back-to-the-basics approach to nutrition and wellness.


As a registered dietitian and healthy lifestyle blogger living in Greenville, SC, I love sharing the importance of eating real foods with others, as well as providing simple recipes, sourcing local ingredients, and giving a glimpse into my pantry and everyday life.


When it comes to nutrition, I practice what I preach and truly believe that living a healthy lifestyle encompasses not only the foods that we choose to put into our bodies, but also fitness, stress management, sleep, beauty routines and having positive people in your life! In short, this is far more than a nutrition blog. It’s a lifestyle that anyone can choose to be a part of!

The Pantry Doctor is committed to helping individuals meet their goals by offering a practical approach to nutrition, and empowering people to make lifestyle choices that will improve their health and well-being.



The meaning behind this phrase is simple. It's a proven fact that unhealthy nutrition can lead to various severe conditions and illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. Eating real foods and getting away from processed, packaged foods can increase our energy, aid in weight loss, and contribute to our overall health. Preventative measures are always more desirable than waiting until health problems occur. Let’s start this journey today and begin by making healthy food choices!


I am so inspired by all of my clients and readers that take the time to share their stories with me! If you have changed your lifestyle, and it has made a difference in reaching your health goals, I would love to hear from you personally! Please share your story by sending me an email to wendie@pantrydr.com


If you’re ready to begin your journey of discovering health and wellness with a registered dietician and nutrition consultant in the Greenville, SC, area, contact me today!


Can’t wait to hear from you!


 -The Pantry Doctor

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